Pilot Flight Experience Madrid

Pilot Flight Experience Madrid

Being a pilot for a while is possible in Madrid, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. With this experience you could have first contact with aeronautics and discover a unique sensation.

Before the aircraft takes off you will have a lesson that includes some theory and practical issues. For 20 minutes a qualified pilot will take responsibility for teach you the flight program and the basic controls.

Once you learn these first guidelines you are ready for the experience. The pilot will take off and land but during the flight, that lasts 15min (or more - check extras), you will take the controls of the aircraft.

Enjoy wonderful aerial views and discover incredible landscapes by choosing the route yourself. You could fly over UNESCO world heritage sites such as Segovia and Ávila depending on the itinerary you’ve picked up. The landscape is spectacular and flying up to the clouds will be an experience you cannot miss.

Undoubtedly it will be a perfect choice not only your trip to Madrid, but to surprise someone.

PRICE (15min Flight): 60€/person

PRICE (20min Flight): 68€/person

PRICE (30min Flight): 99€/person

PRICE (45min Flight): 135€/person

PRICE (60min Flight): 180€/person

PRICE (120min Flight): 260€/person


  • Day: Flexible
  • Time: From 9:00am to 9:00pm
  • Duration: Around 1 Hour depending on your flight time
  • Location: Aeródromo Eduardo Castellano en Villacastín (Segovia)
  • Languages: English / Spanish


  • Professional Pilot Guide
  • Insurance
  • FREE Expérience Video
  • Aviation patch or shirt
  • Pilot student card
Pilot Flight Experience in Madrid