Escape Room Madrid

Escape Room Madrid

The wedding is approaching and the last day as a Stag Do or Hen Do should be celebrated. Why not start the day with an Escape Game? It’s no secret that escape rooms are becoming popular indoor destinations for Stag and Hen parties. The overall objective of an escape room is to solve a myriad of puzzles, riddles, and mysteries to escape the room. Many times, teams will compete against each other to escape the room first, enticing a brand of competition that makes escape rooms even more exhilarating.

PRICE (Monday - Thursday): 20€/person

PRICE (Friday - Sunday): 22€/person


  • Time: From 1pm - 11pm
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Location: City Center
  • Languages: Spanish / English


  • Alice in Wonderland: Open the door to Wonderland, where time and space will play tricks on you. A mad tea party, roses and chess. Find out who has stolen the time, put it back to its place again, and give the peace back to the inhabitants of the magic land! Do not let distortions to penetrate into our world!
  • Horror Circus: A very strange circus came into town. Be careful with its artists... There is a clown whose smile is only painted and fake...the mysterious magician, the Siamese twins and “the most beautiful woman in the world” all act very strange. What is hidden under the dome of this circus? In this game just like intelligence, you will need agility. You have 60 minutes to find answers, or you will have to stay forever and join the show. We promise it will be fun like hell...
  • The Jungle Secret: Love Jumanjij? This is your game! This game magically attracts people. Everyone who saw or held her in their arms did not understand how they got inside. But it's too late to retreat - now you are also in the game! Here is the world of the jungle. Get to the end or stay here forever. Act without delay!
  • Alice in Wonderland (virtual reality): The time in Wonderland has stopped. The magic clock that is in charge of regulating it is broken. You will have to save the inhabitants assuming the challenges of this adventure! Jump in the rabbit borrow. The country of wonders counts on you! ATTENTION! It is not a classic room escape room. This is an immersive interactive adventure that uses HTC VIVE READY technology. That means you have to jump, get off, dodge projectiles and run. It's the most immersive team virtual reality experience you've ever had!


  • 1 Hour Escape Game
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